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Big Fish
Hale Centre Theatre
Review by Gil Benbrook | Season Schedule

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Chad Campbell, Laura Anne Kenney,
and Nicholas Gunnell

Photo by Nick Woodward-Shaw / Hale Centre Theatre
The charming and whimsical musical Big Fish follows the story of traveling salesman Edward Bloom and the fantasy-filled tall tales he'd often tell his son. While the show only managed a brief Broadway run back in 2013, it has a score with several catchy tunes, a warm and witty book, and both comical and heartwarming characters which the talented cast in Hale Centre Theatre's production beautifully bring to life.

Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Tim Burton film, the plot follows Edward and his adult son Will over a series of years with Will constantly doubting the farfetched stories his father has told him ever since he was a boy of events that happened to his father in his past. Through a series of flashbacks, including encounters with a mermaid, a giant, and even a werewolf, we relive the events of Edward's past, often questioning, like Will, their factualness. John August's imaginative book, which also focuses on Will trying to find the facts among the fables in his father's stories, is bright, though its flashback fantasy infused structure does take a few minutes to adjust to, and combines with Andrew Lippa's tuneful songs to effectively portray the events and characters with both humorous and dramatic results.

The Hale cast features a trio of leads who excel in their parts. Chad Campbell is sweet and compassionate and effectively walks the fine line between fact and fiction as Edward. He also pulls you into his stories with his assured line delivery and easily has you believing in the wild tales that Edward tells while at the same time slightly questioning their validity. Nicholas Gunnell beautifully portrays the uptight, pessimistic Will, injecting his portrayal with much conflicted emotion, while Laura Anne Kenney is radiant as Sandra Bloom, Edward's wife and Will's mother. Campbell's warm voice does well on his songs. Gunnell's soaring solo "Stranger" and Kenney's performance of "I Don't Need a Roof" are two highlights in how they are infused with love and emotion but so simply and perfectly staged by director Cambrian James that you can instantly identify with the lyrics and the feelings of these characters.

With a sweet and sincere yet also appropriately skeptical delivery of his dialogue that gets some big laughs, Charlie Hall is superb as Young Will. As Will's wife, Greta Perlmutter is tender and full of sincerity. Kasey Ray is charming and touching as the giant Karl. Ryan Jordan is very good as Jenny Hill, a secret woman from Edward's past, adding an element of mystery to the plot. Ashley Jackson is seductive, with a powerful voice, as the Witch, and Taylor Hudson is bright and funny as a man Edward meets who has a secretive life.

On Broadway the elaborate production tended to overpower the story (I believe that is why it had a very short run), while at Hale the intimacy of the space lets the sweet story stand firmly front and center. The quiet, emotional moments between Edward and Sandra, as well as the argumentative ones between Edward and Will, are perfectly directed and staged, and are infused with realism that help counter the fantasy sequences in the show. Hale's creative team (set designer Brian Daily, costume designer Mary Atkinson, and lighting designer Tim Dietlein) once again deliver beautiful and bright designs.

Big Fish is a comical yet emotionally rich musical that focuses on the important message of realizing that every person you meet is unique and that everyone can be the hero of their own story. That's a message that all of us can take to heart.

Big Fish, through June 30th, 2018, at The Hale Centre Theatre, 50 W. Page Avenue, Gilbert AZ. Tickets can be ordered at or by calling 480-497-1181.

Directed and Choreographed by Cambrian James
Music Director: Elizabeth Spencer
Set Technical Director: Brian Daily
Costume Designer: Mary Atkinson
Lighting Designer: Tim Dietlein
Wigs & Make-Up: Cambrian James
Props: McKenna Carpenter & Monica Christiansen
Sound Design/Stage Manager: Justin Peterson

Edward Bloom/Young Edward: Chad Campbell
Sandra Bloom/Young Sandra: Laura Anne Kenney
Will Bloom: Nicholas Gunnell
Young Will: Charlie Hall
Josephine Bloom: Greta Perlmutter
Karl: Kasey Ray
Amos Calloway: Taylor Hudson
The Witch: Ashley Jackson
Jenny Hill/Young Jenny/Ensemble: Ryan Jordan
Don Price/Ensemble: Nicholas Hambruch
Zacky Price/Ensemble: Riley Thornton
Dr. Bennett/Ensemble: Raymond Barcelo
Red Fang/Ensemble: Nathan Spector
Ensemble: Hunter Cuison
Ensemble: Jeremy Cruz
Ensemble: Audrey Coleman
Ensemble: Carmiña Garey
Ensemble: Annalise Decker
Ensemble: Victoria Fairclough
Ensemble: Audrey Sullivan

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